David PD Hyde is a British Artist and Image Maker based in London. He was born in China and came to England in his early teens. After graduation in 2015 with BA (Hons) Photography, he began to develop editorial and personal projects. His recent body of work often includes an ethical message and sustainable fashion.


2015 Group Exhibition - Graduate Exhibition with Free Range, London, United Kingdom

2016 Group Exhibition - The Many Faces of Fashion in PhotoVogue at Leica Galerie (Vogue Italia and Leica Camera Italia), Milan, Italy

2019 Group Exhibition - Photovogue Festivial, A Glitch in the System, deconstructing stereotypes (Vogue Italia), Milan, Italy

2021 Group Exhibition Able Zine Issue 2 at Kiosk N1C, London, United Kingdom


email: artist.davidpdhyde@gmail.com

Instagram: davidpdhyde

Europe (Paris):

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